Monday, August 2, 2010

Evil Revoltech Woody!!

I wasn't interested in the Revoltech lines (at least not yet). But when Sci-Fi Revoltech announced that they're gonna make Woody and Buzz from Toy Story, I can't help but get interested (not enough to make me buy them, but at least it piqued it)since Toy Story 3 touched me.
Then many news and review were up, and just because, I read most of 'em.

So the thing is, Woody gets a feature of moveable eyeballs and two interchangeable face.

The first face:

oh, I guess that's okay, dunno. Somehow I thought the face wasn't "neutral" enough, but wasn't "happy" enough either.
Oh well, let's just take a look on the second face, probably it's better...




[insert Psycho's theme here]

What the hell was that!? An evil laugh face?
Oh sure, when you're a part of the team making an action figure of Toy Story, and was told that Woody will only get two face, and evil laugh face is totally one of them, yeah of course. [/sarcasm]

"Why so serious?"

err no Woody, you don't want to mess with that guy, not if you don't want to be blown into pieces.

Zombie Woody! Run Buzz, Run!!

All images were taken from hacchaka

on some other news:
- My RG would probably come at least two weeks from now. In worst case scenario, it'll arrive on the end of August =/
- Currently playing Kamen Rider Battle Ganbaride on NDS emulator. damn the luck/random factor in this game is very high.
- Can't wait for C78 for releases from Crow's Claw, Xi-on, Silver Forest, and others. (anybody that understand what I'm saying, please by all mean comment below!)


  1. Makes me want to get this guy even more^^ Except I have to see why Hasbro isnt participating on this one

  2. Jiku Reboruteku~! BANZAI~! XD

  3. Lol I am so getting this Woody now lol....

  4. hahahah, that's fun to play with.