Thursday, January 12, 2012

[Sidestory] Waterslide decal hell

It has been almost two months since I finished the Shiranui Niigata... sans the jump unit and the water slide decals for it. Somehow I finished the jump unit a couple days ago, then went almost immediately to placing the decals, finishing the whole kit at last. After taking a quick look at the manual, I think that while it'll be kinda difficult to pinpoint the exact location on where to pit the decals (kinda like the 1/100 VF-25), but probably not gonna took very long.

And I'm wrong, again.
Huh, surprising.

Quality over quantity, as in, damn hard to do rather than just so many it made you lazy.

Small decals, large decals; decals that can be put as is, decals that must be cut around the corners if you ever want it to fit the placing; even surfaces, uneven surfaces (up to even more than 90 degrees. I know Kotobukiya is still pretty new on giving their kits waterslide decals, but this blew my mind and my patience when putting them.)
The one that's already finished in the picture is the right jump unit, which while I thought had a couple mistakes, was actually nothing bad compared to the left jump unit.
I was exhausted putting stickers on the 1/100 VF-25, but it was nowhere near frustating as these, especially since I actually did several audible grunts of anger when the decals unintendedly moved, unable to keep sticking on the sharp-over 90 degrees angle, accidentally teared, and when I totally misplaced two decals. "orz.

Well, after all that bitching, I still think this kit is one of Kotobukiya finest kit, and I'm happy that I finally truly finished building this kit.
While there's no WIP post (expect less WIP post from me from now on, if any), I intend to do a double review of this Shiranui Niigata with the Takemikazuchi, since these two would make an excellent comparison review. Though knowing my laziness, who knows when that'll be posted :P.

But before that, next is the comic with Shiranui Niigata & Takemikazuchi!!


  1. I still think the Macross decals are even more hellish to put on lol

  2. @Tom:
    Hahaha, those are indeed difficult because of the difficulty of the positioning and uneven surfaces. But even those doesn't make you put decals with sharp, over 90 degrees angle surface ;^^.

  3. I'm curious about the 'sand it all' technique you used on the kit's surface. Do you have any tips or tutorials on that method? After building the Type-00R, the toy-like quality of the unfinished plastic really detracted from the end result. Your Shiranui's matte finish really gives it a realism and presence the Koto plastic lacks.

    1. There's no tip necessary I think, just basically sand everything that's showing (don't sand the clear parts though).
      FYI, I used sanding sponge with p600 grit (though it's so worned out, it's probably softer than a p1000 grit). I suggest you go with the softest grit possible, since we want to scratch off the outer-most surface of the plastic without damaging the shape.

  4. That does sound pretty simple. Did you do any finishing beyond that? Any matte coating or whatnot?

    Oh - Do you know about MicroSol & MicroSet waterslide decal finishing solutions? It sounds like they would be very helpful in applying waterslides against the compound angles and panel-lines you were working against.

    (I've got the Tarisa Shiranui Second to build as well!)

    1. I simply sand and left them as is, no coat (you might want to if possible though).

      Nah, don't know much about waterslide decal finishing, nor any luck in finding them in any local store ;^^.

      Nice, enjoy the build :).