Monday, January 23, 2012

[Sidestory] Recent stuff January 23rd 2012

You know, I don't celebrate Chinese New Year even though I'm partially Chinese. But this? TOTALLY MADE MY DAY.
Whachagamali... FUU----------YEEESSSSSSS!!!!

I'm not sure if I have said it before, but by design, Gundam Mk-II is my most favorite Gundam.
Sure, it gets outpowered pretty fast in the series and doesn't have any "special/finisher" weapon, and the Super Gundam is kinda silly; but for me it had the perfect design balance between bulk and mobility. Kinda explain why it's the only MG that I ever had.

Loved it, will buy both the AEUG & Titans color, and will also buy the inevitable RG G-Defender (+ Flying Armor/Full Armor Mk-II parts).

In other news...
There hasn't been any new comics, because of two reason:
  1. The camera was borrowed by a friend.
  2. The Comipo! contest's deadline was extended, and as I said before, I'm not going to pass this chance. Since my previous entry was rushed and unstructured, I decided to make a whole new entry.
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Haven't finished it since I'm taking this slowly and putting more efforts. Don't worry about gunpla comics. Once I had the camera back, I'll be doing 2 page comic to test making gunpla comics with Comipo!, then start working on the Epic comic (I know I've said it a million times before, sorry.) alongside with my Comipo! series.

For now I don't think I'll put my Comipo! work updates in this blog. Putting them here seems kinda off-topic (unless you guys don't mind, please comment about this. Thanks.), and I haven't decided whether to put them on Wordpress or on webcomic sites like Smackjeeves or Drunk Duck. But for now I put everything related to my Comipo! works on my deviantART, since so far the English-speaking community of Comipo! that I know are only on deviantART and Crunchyroll, and both are still young and small. Hopefully I can help the community prosper.

Phew, lately I've been posting more text than usual, haven't I?
Oh, and happy Chinese New Year, Gong Xi Fa Coi (hopefully I spelled that correctly).
I'll see you guys later :).

EDIT: And apparently now Blogspot allows you to reply directly into a comment.
My my, Blogspot. You're making it harder for me to decide whether I want to move to Wordpress later on or not.


  1. I loved the MG Ver.2 of the Mk.II Titans color but I built it back when I lacked any skills. The RG line is getting more exciting with every release! :D

    1. RG Freedom has nearly perfected the RG build design, as it has no loose parts (finally curing the RG line from loose skirts), with only weight issues being it's few, if not only, problem.

      Now we're going to get an improved build, with no possible weight issue, and it being my most favorite Gundam design? This is one of the few days that I shrieked like a little girl (and believe me, that is very rare. Not to say that you can't hear me screaming through blog posts, but you get what I mean).

  2. Would you believed if I said that the MK. II is MEANT for an RG treatment? It just SCREAMS for it. =D
    And yes, just like the Strike, the G-Defensor WILL be out later (I'll be skipping it, like the Sky Grasper).

    Good luck with your Comipo entry.

    1. Since I have built the MG Ver 2.0 of it, yes, totally yes! It has a lot of moving parts that I do believe can be implemented on the RG!
      It'll be like the earlier UC RG without the small feet issues (and loose parts)! Or like the SEED RG without the weight issues! Why do I keep using exclamation marks!? I'm EXCITED!! XD

      I'm still kinda 50/50 about getting RG G-Defender if they release it as just that. But if it had any bonus parts like I mentioned (Flying Armor/Full Armor Mk-II parts), instant get just like the Mk-II itself XD.

      Thanks man :) .

  3. how do we change to that direct reply comment form?? D:

    1. I don't know, really ;^^.
      I just realized it's already in this format after playevolution commented in this post.
      Perhaps if it was set to embedded?

    2. I think it's much better this way, chaps... ^^