Sunday, January 15, 2012

My entry for the current Comipo! contest

If you're wondering why the previous post was so short even though I made a big fuss about getting Comipo! before, here's the reason:

Chapter 0 means prototype, which means things might get retconned later

Truth be told, I actually lost in the Comipo! contest, didn't made it into the finalist. Not sure how, but that just happened. That happened in late December. So there's no more reason to hold back on my Epic comic and do it with photoshop, right?
Well, no, at least not because it was the end of the year.
There was another Comipo! contest, this time involving less skill and more luck. Well basically it's just a random lottery, with pretty much the same prize with the previous contest. So of course I entered it too.

Now here's the thing: there was a definite deadline, but there was no information about when the winner will be announced. Therefore, I waited (again). Lo and behold, the winners were emailed, while the losers were left in the dark, no announcement even on Crunchyroll where Comipo! had it's official subforum. Thankfully somebody posted that they had won.

Now while that was going on, there is also another contest at the same time, though limited only to those that had the full version of the English Comipo!. The contest is basically to make a less than 16 pages of comic using Comipo! with the theme of "Strange Japanese School Days". 5 winners will get exclusive items, and the grand prize winner will have his/her comic translated and digitally published in Japan. Oh God I refuse to pass on that chance, hence I finally bought Comipo itself. Thankfully there's no gunpla that I wanted to buy early this year (HGUC Banshees were on my "might-might not want" list, and this made it official that I won't be getting them, not anytime soon).

But there's another problem. The deadline for this contest is January 14th Japan time (They later said that it was extended to 1/14, but didn't mentioned the time area). Notice when I posted my previous post? YEAH.
Actually I just got Comipo at noon January 13th West Indonesia time (2 hours late compared to Japan time), so I didn't have much time to make my entry. While there isn't a minimal amount of pages to participate, I refused to enter with just 3 pages (the amount I made when the initial deadline passed), since I wanted to win the grand prize after all.
Hoping that the deadline was actually extended through the whole January 14th of Japan time, I continued making the rest of the comic.

By the time the (perhaps) second deadline passed, I only managed to finish 7 pages in total (the second lowest total pages for the participant of this contest), and through some silly bad luck, I submitted my entry 20 minutes late of the second deadline "orz. I'm not sure if my entry will be counted in the contest, but I've decided that it's better to put it there rather than not at all.

With that said, even though it was rushed, unstructured, unfinished (there will be a "complete" version of chapter 0), and probably didn't made it through the deadline, here's my entry to the current Comipo! contest!

Open in new tab for full size

The reason that I put them in thumbnails is that I made the full size a bit bigger than the limit of my current blog's width. I don't think I'll reduce the size of my pages because even now I'm struggling to fit the words into my comics (unless I change from the double sided 4-panel style, haven't managed to try other styles since I'm rushing :p), so I'll probably either:
  1. Change/experiment paneling style.
  2. Increase blog's width.
  3. Move my Comipo's comics into a different blog, probably Wordpress with Comicpress theme.

Either way, I will also put my comics (along with my gunpla comics) to Deviantart sometimes later.


  1. hey the drawing and the photoshop of the comic is amazing. The characters were taken from some 3D software?

  2. All of them (including the characters) were done using the Comipo! software (except the Zaku, it was taken from one of my pics. And also that MG boxart on page 6).

  3. You download or buy for full version download? If you download, i want it! i want link download!