Monday, January 2, 2012

[Comic] 1+1= Boom

If there is a Double Rainbow in a Gundam world...

And there's my first comic of 2012 :).
Imagine you're not very fond of Gundam SEED & Destiny, yet you researched for quotes from those series. *sigh*
Thx to my friend for lending his RG Freedom.

Oh, and Happy New Year 2012 :).
And I forgot to put 1/100 VF-25F to represent every type of kits & toys that I got during 2011, great...

What I'm expecting of 2012 What I'm not gonna like about 2012
  • The continuation of the RG, HGUC, SIC Kiwami Tamashii, & Kotobukiya's Muv-Luv line
  • Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse anime
  • Getting Comipo
  • Finishing my "EPIC" comic
  • Do another dance video
  • Seeing stupid people doing stupid stuff on 20-12-2012 to themselves
  • The last works for college
  • Saying goodbye to my college friends :(
  • Seeing stupid people doing stupid stuff on 20-12-2012 to other people


  1. Talk about beam-spammage but... the last panel shows how messy it was.

    And in 2012, our wallets aren't safe...
    But for "Seeing stupid people doing stupid stuff on 20-12-2012 to themselves", yeah, that. AGAIN!...

  2. Good thing Bandai didn't go with the RG Strike Freedom... 'cause that would have been a LOT messier... XD

    BTW, LOL on the 20-12-2012 bit... XD

  3. Wonder when the next Doomsday date will be scheduled after 2012. ;)

  4. @bd77:
    Well, after the 5th beam, I kinda gave up trying on the last panel hahaha.
    Yeah, I'm expecting HGUC Jesta Cannon, and many other surprises on 2012.

    Yeah, I actually liked Freedom's design a bit, but Strike Freedom?
    And Bandai would probably think twice for doing the gold on 1/144 (Gold Advanced MS Joint? LOL).

    Probably 20-2-2020 or 22-2-2020, or any other funny combination.

  5. Yeah, stupid people are going to ruin 2012 for all of us.

  6. How do you make comics? Is it just photoshop? Just wanted to try out making comics too out of my gunplas. :)

  7. @darkandchoco:
    Yes, I only used photoshop for now. I intend to use Comipo! once I got one to help with the paneling and effects.

  8. Happy New Year!

    Two Freedoms will surely be a mess! Definitely don't want to imagine how it would be like with two Strike Freedoms, or worse two Meteors ^^;

    I am curious to see what more HGUC lines or other 1/144 Gunpla we will have this year. As bd77 has said our wallets are probably nowhere safe XD

    1. Oh god please 2 meteors fight each other it will be a total mess 0.o'''

  9. @Q:
    Happy new year :).

    By that point, our only hope is Turn A! XD

    Indeed. I expect HGUC Jesta Cannon, and probably something from AU Gundams, like a HGAW (Double X) or HGFC (Dragon Gundam), and of course the RG lines XD.