Tuesday, May 3, 2011

[WIP] HGFC Nobell Gundam


Nobell is definitely an interesting kit from many aspect, and the first interesting thing that got in my mind (other than its a she-gundam) is it's box size and price.

Nobell's box is slightly smaller than GM Custom's, yet she's slightly more expensive than GM Custom.
(Nobell: 1500 yen, GM Custom: 1300 yen)

I guess that means plastic quantity isn't the only factor affecting the price, but the build design's quality too.
It's also funny how they're released next to each other, yet the build design is literally years different (sorry, pet peeves of mine :p)

Even her manual is smaller than every other HGUC.

When I moved to my new place, I sorted all of the gunpla manual that I had at that time and right there I thought that all HGUC kit manual had the same size regardless of the actual kit's size. Guess I was wrong hahaha.

After a quick peek at the runner, I can immediately see the size difference.

I'll tell you about the build design later, look how small those calf are!

Those that have already seen other Nobell's review (or actually owning it) would probably knew that the HGFC Nobell doesn't have any polycap as every joint is made using ABS parts, similar to HG00's Braves.

Lots of ABS, but are used slightly different than those on GM Custom.

And now let's start the building!

The inner parts of the feet, made out of 3 ABS parts.
The design allow up and down movement on the ball joint.

Add 2 red parts and one white part to complete the feet.

Single jointed knee, panel lined the details.

3 white parts made the calf, simple yet effective.
Added grey for depth of illusion :).

Unlike the usual HG kits, the connection between the feet and the leg is ABS-to-plastic.
The design prohibited the feet to do sideways movement, but still allows the feet to be rotated. Many people said that the feet is loose, but I think it's because most people were used to feet that can move sideways, even if just a little, so that they tried move the feet sideways by reflex and made the feet pop out that way.

The thigh is made of a white part and two ABS parts that'll allow the leg to have maximum sideways movement.

The right leg is done, but the left leg had a minor difference that I didn't realize until I read the manual for the first time.

A red stripe around the thigh. I used the provided sticker for that part.

Hopefully that sticker edge wouldn't be so visible when the kit is finished.

Another simple side skirt design. At least there's no need to recolor the inner part grey this time :).

A separate part for the hip connection that'll allow the hip to have a swing movement so that one leg can be positioned lower than the other and make the upper body lean sideways (see last pic).

Again, simple yet effective.

One whole part for the front skirt, separated by cutting it right in the middle of the connector.
Also painted the inside with grey (forgot to take a pic).

Unfortunately, unlike God Gundam, the rear skirt isn't movable.
The manual implied that the ribbon is actually a thruster. No matter how cute it is, it actually have a function! XD

And the white & red crotch finished the hip build.
Thankfully the red wasn't a sticker but an actual part.

Add the red waist and we're halfway done!

Into the body~
Those grey parts really looked like polycaps, but they're actually ABS.

The red stripe on the neck is also a sticker, the rest are self-explanatory.

The blue "sailor uniform"'s collar is made of three blue pieces, each had white stripe stickers. Line the stickers just right and they'll look seamless.

And another ribbon on the chest. The green is (obviously) a sticker.
Sadly the sticker did not reach some area that are also supposed to be green. But as I currently do not have a good green marker (wish I had metallic green), I leave it as it is for now.

Long legs, short body. I guess it won't look as weird when it's finished ~_~.

Into the forearm~
The ABS parts forms the place where the elbow joints are going to be placed, and also one end of the forearm.
Two functions from one piece!

ABS elbow joint. Unlike GM Custom's double jointed elbow, this one is only a single joint, so only a 90 degree bend is possible for the elbow.

Add a red piece for the other end of the forearm.
Glad this wasn't a sticker.

Two blue parts, one yellow part, and one ABS part formed the shoulder.
Thankfully the seam on the shoulder can be disguised as a panel line.

Add some white parts for the upper arm and the cover for the shoulder joint.

The connector for the hand is a bit angled so that the pose became a bit more "feminine".

And finally into the head~
The red part become both the base for the eyes and the red chin. Stickers for both the eyes and the forehead sensor.

The antenna and the "bangs" is also one part.
Never forget to sharpen the antenna.

The vulcans were supposed to be red, so red gundam markers go!

Panel line all the details!
Used gundam marker grey for the inside of the hair following the manual, but I wasn't able to spread it evenly :(.

This actually made it look like on of Devil Gundam's Gundam Head, LOL.

And the kit is done!

I haven't touched the beam ribbons until this day so I'll probably gonna show those on her review, though it won't be anytime soon because I'm busy building Takemikazuchi (3 days and only finished the legs).
I'll probably post multiple parts of Takemikazuchi's WIP. Hopefully I can fit some comic in between because there hasn't been one for a while.


  1. Very feminine, the small hip and long legs really gives a female impression.
    Can't wait for the Takemikazuchi review, finally got mine from Hobby Japan Online.
    But I'm currently playing the Muv Luv Alternative Visual Novel for some motivation, so maybe I won't build it soon

  2. Hopefully your Nobel won't get remotely controlled by someone from the gap. XD

    The foot part tends to pop-out whenever I tried to move the foot forward or back.

  3. I think this kit is very special in terms of it being female looking. Very different from the normal kits. XD