Monday, May 9, 2011

Triple jointed shoulder!?

Did Kotobukiya took a level in awesomeness!?


  1. Hopefully their plastic had improved, THAT, would be awesome.

  2. @bd77:
    Sadly that doesn't seems to be the case ;^^.
    At first I couldn't really tell from the build so far and even from looking at it because I applied the "no paint, sand 'em all for matte look" technique from chubbybots ;^^.
    But after looking around a bit, some part actually has white stress marks just from putting them on.
    And for God knows why, the connection between hand and arm, and feet to leg are plastic to plastic (without polycap/ABS). Moving the feet doesn't seems to bad, but the hand... it was some scary stuff.

  3. Cool joint, the Takemikazuchi is going to be very badass when posing with the sword.
    The plastic quality is definitely improving although still not on Bandai level.

  4. The plastic quality looks to have been a little better I think.

  5. Glad to see someone else got this kit too. The triple joint in the shoulders is more intended to allow it to pose firing 4 guns at the same time, although it also serves well for doing poses with the sword.
    Be wary of the hips, which hinder some flexibility and the neck, whose halves like to separate too much (at least in my case). Also, the worst part are the hands, as they tend to fall apart a little too much, but cons aside, it's a very striking mech.
    By the way, if you plant to get the Shiranui... it's arms are complete crap.

  6. Glad to see someone else likes the TSF's kits of Kotobukiya.
    Having built mine some time ago I can say it is a pretty cool model. The triple joint at the shoulders allows some awesome poses with sword, along putting the 4 rifles firing away at the same time.
    My only complains are the neck which likes to split between the halves and the hands which are a pain in the ass to exchange, not to mention they easily fall apart.

    If you plan to get the Shiranui, beware, the arms are total crap.

  7. @beamknight87:
    There are some complaints, but for a Kotobukiya kit, I have to say it's quite an improvement.

    I do plan on getting the Shiranui Type-2, but I'm waiting for the Tarisa color.