Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Progress so far on Takemikazuchi...

After 7 days (though I took 2 days off building)...

I liked the details this thing has, but it took quite the effort to make them stand out ;^^.
Basically I put silver behind every clear parts, and some other parts that were supposed to have red but isn't is first colored with silver and then some red after it dried.

Probably gonna take another 3-5 days until it's really complete.


  1. Things aren't easy with any Kotobukiya kit... same goes to my Hoihoi-san...

  2. oho, Takemi%^#%$#^%$%# *bites tongue*

    *looks at the Youtube in the photo*

    my tip, collecting all orbs while fighting Remi and Yukari, along with extra hidden orbs near the Yukkuri place, is enough for 4 Flan spam, good enough to hack away Yougen remi's Zeong hands. and then, pay attention on dodging Gungnir, and you're left with plenty of time to attack remi during the attack of red orbs :D

  3. @bd77:
    Agreed, but after building 3 Kotobukiya kits before (Wild Wurger, Gespenst Mk-II Custom, & Nine Ball), I had to say this is the most work I had to do on a Kotobukiya kit.
    And I bet it's going to be lovely when it's finished XD.

    I'm fine, I finished Extra stage (barely, and spamming Remilia too :p), but it was pretty fun hearing somebody commentating his playthrough.

  4. heh, good for you. i still stuck in Phantasm, could never been able to get pass through it easily, especially the annoying red archer adn the falling bridge. the furthest i could get now is up to Chen ^^;;;;