Sunday, May 22, 2011

[Comic] New Order Part 1 & 2

Here's a 4-parter comic!

No work, no screentime. >:3

Part 3 & 4 coming next week!


  1. Actually, plastic DOES rot as they become brittle over long time periods. My 1988 Jegan already signs of it...

    LOL. Just A Zaku. That must hurt one's pride. Deeply.

  2. 1st question: how many pixel was it before you go into editing?

    2nd: you using photoscape?

    3rd: how come my pictures turns out to be blurry??

    4th: how many pixel it is now when you post it up to your blog?

  3. @bd77:
    Really? O_o
    Now I'm worried how long till my plamos started showing their age ;^^.

    When your unit doesn't impress, it's time for skills to come to play. :D

    1) 4752x3168 pixels

    2) Nope, I used Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to edit temp, tint, tone, sharpening, and noise reduction. After that I exported them to lower size for editing in the dialogue, dialogue bubbles, and effects using Photoshop.
    Those are pretty much one of why it took me a while to put pics after taking them :p.

    3) Lots of different factors could results in blurry pics:
    - Out of focus.
    - Low aperture (making the focus range very limited).
    - Shutter time set for too long (making it very prone to blur on moving objects or when you're not using tripod).
    - Or my biggest problem, shaky hands :p (third panel of part two is because of that). My advice would be to set your camera on timer (preferably 2 seconds) so that your camera won't move when the shutter button is pressed.

    4) as mentioned in #2, after editing them on Lightroom, I exported them to 640x427 pixels, and then edit them again on Photoshop.
    On reviews & WIP, I sometime crop the pic to keep the focus on the objects I wanted.

  4. Wow; Green Zaku's a Red Comet Fanboy... XD

  5. Whoa, comics aside, the pics are very well edited. From the last panel, I think something is going to happen between the 2 Zakus very soon. XD

  6. I can see some shadows... I think most probably is the light of the surrounding areas that affects the picture to be crispy clear...

    I think...

  7. The zaku should have said "But this is no zaku char, no zaku!" XD

  8. @Zeon_Two_Six:
    Most of the Zeons are XD, unless they're Zabi loyalist.

    @Gundam Gunso:
    Thx. :)
    Only if the Zaku can stand up to the challenge. XD

    Well actually, other than the 4th panel of part 1, all of them only used room lighting.

    But he is! XD