Friday, May 6, 2011

[Comic] "Double Attack"

A little bit perverted joke this time :p
Oh, and I think I'm gonna change the "4koma" tag into just "comic".


  1. OMG~! Double P~! XD
    That GM does have some good acquired taste. XD

    Haruhi: I approved of this~!
    Aya: Ohhh~! Camera, camera~

  2. @bd77:
    He's cold and sarcastic, but above anything else he's a pervert. XD

    From the moment I finished that stand, I knew I had to make this joke.

  3. Initially I didn't get the joke... until I saw the setup of Nobell's action base... XD

    GM Custom, you hot-blodded, smooth criminal.. XD

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