Friday, June 1, 2012

[Gallery] RG Gundam Mk-II Titans part 1

Well it has been a real long while since I actually built anything. The combination of busyness, lack of interest, and lack of money really made the couple months felt stagnant "orz.
And then the Mk-II finally got released.

Have I told you before that Gundam Mk-II is my most favorite gundam design?
Well, Gundam Mk-II is my most favorite gundam design, to the point of havingthe MG Mk-II Titans ver 2.0 HD Color as the one and only MG in my collection.

I planned that I would get both color variation, and built the AEUG color first with normal panel lines to know and memorize the build, and then build the Titans color with silver marker.
Now, if you're a Gunpla Builder, then I'm pretty sure you know that the AEUG color variation of RG Mk-II got delayed in release and the Titans color got released first. Well, plan botched. ugh
So anyway, I got the Titans version first (and still waiting for the AEUG color here), and boldly attempt to panel line it with silver anyway. If you saw the previous post, then you knew that it worked, though I think I can work it a bit better if I knew the build much better.

I've pretty much finished the whole kit, though before putting on the decals, I took a couple of pictures, alongside with some pose tests:

For this pose, it's cooler to have the bazooka below the armpit instead of above the shoulder
I remember seeing a fanart of Mk-II dual wielding both it's bazooka and beam rifle at the same time, and I tried to replicate that. The right trigger hand is strong enough to hold the bazooka on it's own, and the left Advanced MS Joint can hold the beam rifle without needing to have the peg plugged into it's hand, so, said pose is successfully recreated! :D

Well it's not like people makes cool poses when firing a bazooka in real life (and rifle for that matter), but but but...
I don't think I really like the bazooka. It doesn't place on it's shoulder as well as I hoped, and due to Mk-II's large chest, the left hand cannot reach the bazooka to do a two-handed pose.

Good enough to re-enact it putting/taking the bazooka from/to it's holder on the back
The good thing is, the advanced MS joint hand is strong enough to hold the bazooka by it's handle,
so this kind of pose is possible.

Because it's cool
The generic Gundam shooting pose.
It's kinda funny that most Gundam shoots at one direction without protecting itself with it's shield.

You know, what if a bullet went through that slit and blew the ammo pack?
Fun fact: The Mk-II cannot see through the slit in the shield.
Reason: see the previous picture.

I loved that missile pod on the shield, more arsenal for the plain Mk-II
Passed the kneeling test with flying colors, although I'll admit that I didn't make a good pose for the upper body.

Too long to even for the picture
Just like all the RG before it, the beam for the sabres are MG sized, which is just way too long :(.

*inset Gundam walking SFX here*
Walking pose. Looked natural enough.

I kinda felt this picture made it looked pretty big, although it's only a 12-13cm model kit.

You don't want to sit in this position for too long. I know, I tried
The Japanese "seiza"-style sitting.

Here's a test of both articulation and stability.
Previous RGs either had small feet (RG RX-78-2 & RG Zaku) or back-heavy (RG Strike with Aile pack and RG Freedom), which hindered their stability quite a bit. This time its none of them, which mean great stability!! XD

inb4 another special kick comic
And here's another test, a sideway vertical kick.

Chiester 410's 3C, if you know what that mean, then huge 'game board' cake for you :)
Even though the feet cannot move sideway as good as 00,
it's still amazing to see that the side skirt posed no hindrance at all.

'Whoa, what the!?'-pose
I don't know why, but every time I finish a kit, this is most likely the very first pose I'll make them do.

'Cool guy'-pose
And this is most likely their second poses.

Seriously, I never thought looking up can be so cool
At first I thought that the head just doesn't look up high enough,
but with the help of the waist angled to the back, it actually looked pretty cool.

And here's my personal favorite...

Non-transforming transformed mode AKA Box mode AKA some silly move in some fighting games
In some other MSs, this pose should've enabled him flight.

All right, that's it for now. I actually just finished putting the stickers last night.
More post about that and other stuff later! :)


  1. That some extreme yoga man. Excellent posing!

    1. Thank you Bandai for making this awesome kit XD.

  2. nicely done bro ^^. after viewing your MKII TITANS... i'll go decal mine xD (mine is the AEUG) . also love how you panel line it with silver to bring out the details :D

    1. Thanks! :)
      I loved this suit, so the extra efforts are worth it :D.