Sunday, June 24, 2012

[Sidestory] Slow progress... And some incoming stuffs I go crazy for

A small progress with time from breaks during my last weeks of works for a while, flavored with guilt.

I have no idea what they're talking about

In other news, some kits that piqued my interest:
HGUC GM Sniper II!!

Kotobukiya's Shiranui Imperial type! In 1/144 scale (around HG size)!!
Holy crap! In scale with HG!?!? And much reasonable price!!

Kotobukiya's Metal Gear Rex plamo!!
And Metal Gear Ray too please!!

Kotobukiya's 1/12 Kos-Mos plamo!!
Doubt it'll be this nice OOB, but still...
"Whooaaaaaaaaa---"I'm not totally sure about that, but if I have the money, I really do want it.

Between all of those, added with RG Justice Gundam (which I plan to collect just to complete my RG line collection) and Kotobukiya's EF-2000 Typhoon (which there is no way in hell I'll skip), I guess it's months of saving from now on :(.


  1. The HGUC GM Sniper II comes as a pleasant surprise. I always wondered why it was the only one left out among the 0080 Federation MS, and thought the chance of it appearing is slim after Robot Damashii version is out. Now that even White Dingo version is announced for Hobby Web Shop exclusive, I want to see more of it in colour soon!

    1. After the release of HGUC GM Custom and HGUC GM Cannon II, I was expecting the release of HGUC GM Sniper II to be soon after that. After all, it was a very popular unit despite its lack of appearances in anime.
      It was way later than I expected, but I'm glad it's finally get the long awaited HGUC rendition :).

  2. Finally, the GM Sniper II, after all this time...

    But all the better as it gets all the latest development in HGUC engineering. =D

    KOSMOS... I'll wait for the reviews first...

    1. Indeed. From the looks of it, the HGUC GM Sniper II does get new joints instead of the old ones from HGUC GM Custom which is the same as older GM kits.

      Yeah, it might be better to wait first. Kotobukiya tends to make hit-and-miss, usually the latter when it comes to the very first in a new lines/series.