Monday, June 25, 2012

HGUC GM Sniper II's (Standard & White Dingo ver.) Accessories

Just realized that so far there's no blog have specified the accessories and differences of the HGUC GM Sniper II and it's limited White Dingo variant, so I'll explain.

Image taken from Gundam Guy

Based on the text on the picture on the middle-left, the standard HGUC GM Sniper II will have:
  • 75mm Sniper Rifle (standard GM Sniper II Sniper Rifle)
  • 90mm Bullpup Machine Gun (the SMS that was included on HGUC GM Powered)
  • Beam Sabres
  • Shield (the same one as the HGUC GM Custom)
  • A head that had the visor placed in front of the eye camera
  • A complementary left hand to hold the Sniper Rifle

Based on the text on the middle of the pic, the limited HGUC GM Sniper II White Dingo ver will have:
  • Vulcan pod on the right side of the head
  • A Middle shield
  • Long Range Beam Rifle (GM Sniper I's rifle)

I'm not sure if the White Dingo still get the rest of the accessories that are supposedly "replaced" (rifle & shield) or not.

Either way, it's been a while since I'm very hyped about a HG release. A definite buy for me :).


  1. Hey, didn't know where else to contact you. I run a Gundam-related blog as well, was wondering if you would care to do a link exchange? My blog is Shinkan Crossing at

    1. I just visited, and I liked it a lot!
      I've added you to my blogroll and subscribed to you, thanks! :)

  2. Oh the sensor slide down covering the visor will be via head swapping? Didn't see that coming.

    Despite having the Robot Damashii version, I may consider getting the HGUC too (still considering whether to get both or not)! You getting the White Dingo version or both versions? :o

    1. It's a bit disappointing that it's not a swing mechanism, but since at least it'll make the part more durable compared to movable ones, I welcomed it.

      The limited White Dingo is pretty much impossible for me to get :(.
      It's very hard to get limited here in Indonesia, and even if I can it's just way too expensive (almost 200% from the yen price).