Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mini Recent Stuff May 23rd 2012

Oh hey, haven't updated this blog in like, what? 2 months?
... sorry, really really sorry bout that "orz.

I will make more post soon about what happened recently.
Since there's quite a bit of them (ComiPo!, thesis, moving, etc), I might make multiple post.
Should be soon, unless I succumbed to stress "orz.

In a gunpla related news, I just finished RG Gundam Mk-II Titans.

Best RG I've ever built. More news later. See you!


  1. The Mk II does look very nice! The details on it is quite breathtaking! Btw what do you use for the panel line on this guy?

    1. I used Sakura Marker Silver. Applied it on almost every line possible, and sanded the blotch. Mk-II is my favorite Gundam design (to the point of being the only MG I ever had and whatnot), so I figured "Why not go the extra mile" and bought said marker.

  2. Hoho, Titans MK-II. I just got the AEUG version a while ago. Haven't build it yet though...