Wednesday, September 1, 2010

[4Koma] Wheels on the sky

Somewhat a continuation of my first 4koma.

And the rivalry between Subaru and God Gundam continues.
Quite a bit of photoshop testing there. I wonder if I overkilled on some stuff there ;^^.
Because I didn't have a MG action base for the ReZEL, I used two Figma stands and put each of the stand between the body and legs.


  1. So THAT was the one you'd was similar. XD

    Looking zen-like there, Domon and Subaru isn't looking too pleased. XD

    Get the Kotobukiya MSG Mechanical base Stand. It can hold heavy ones with ease.

  2. @bd77:
    I'll try to get one if I can later.

  3. God is the bigger showoff here honey

  4. from airgear?
    well, I only can say you might need brighter image before giving them effect, so they could blend esier

  5. @Aya & Divinelight:
    well to be honest I haven't read/watched Air Gear ;^^
    could you show me which scene it actually looked like?

  6. God riding and rezel lol...that is priceless!!

  7. hmmm, air gear basically use wheel shoe (sepatu roda) that the characters enjoying jumping and mid-air stunts.

  8. @divinelight:
    oh, I know at least that much. I thought you guys meant it looked almost exactly like a certain scene on Air Gear ;^^
    guess you guys haven't watched Nanoha Strikers then ^^