Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I've been watching Kamen Rider OOO

and the chairman person was like...

seriously though, it is quite silly and over the top.

oh, and I've been missing for almost two weeks. ;^^

These might just be excuses, but I've been missing because of:
1) Local holidays.
Which made me go around places all day for a couple of days, not to mention I'm also away from where I kept all my plamo & figures.
2) Holiday assignment.
Just to complete the "fun".
3) Capitalism, ho!
If you know what I mean...

and Whoa!! over 400 views on the last two days!?


  1. What the hell?...
    *looks again at the pictures*

    I don't even... >_O

  2. Hahahaha.... "I'm cumming".... that is seriously and sexually awesomely.... hahahahha

  3. LMAO hilarious captions XD

    im watching kamen rider ooo too, its good so far.

  4. lol, he is realllllllllllllllyyy "lebay" -_-'

  5. hahahahah, be careful guys, when eating a cake you should remember how the cream was made.

  6. Damnit... I cannot eat cake the same way I used to anymore.