Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Another "Why I'm missing"

Soo yeah, I missed another week without a post again ;^^.

well, there's only one--- or should I say two reason for it:

Because I've been building these two guys.

The big MG Figurerise Kamen Rider W Cyclone Joker

My comments while building it:
- Biiiiiiig (over 30cm tall)
- Interesting gimmicks
- Ouch, those green parts have a quite nasty nub marks =/
- The proportions are quite off =/
- GAH those fingers are creepy

and then the magnificent RG RX-78-2

haven't finished the weapons and shield though

My comments while building it:
- Holy crap I think I bended the Advanced MS Joint parts a bit too much, it almost break (white parts appearing) O_o
- Aaaaaarrrghh this part is so small (on multiple occasions)
- Uuuuuuurrrrgh these panel lines are so shallow
- WuaAaAAaAAAaAAa the small realistic decal that I'm trying to put just flew somewhere!! (luckily I found it later)
- Nooooooo why can't I clean this nubmark on the chest!?
- .......... oh my God, this is just so awesome on many levels O_o

And I didn't took any WIP pics because I already built their WIP/Review from Gunpla Secret Factory, and I'm a lazy bastard :p.

Anyway, before I review these two, the review of HGUC GM Striker and a 4koma should be up soon. hopefully within this week.

so, until then...



  1. MF KR fingers creepy. LOL~!

    White marks = stress marks = NOT GOOD~! O_O

    Gureeto... In November it'll be the RG Zaku-II.

  2. Eh Fingers are fine, But Its HUGE!!!, or maybe God is just a tiny little kit.

  3. MG W is seriously over 30 cm tall? That's taller than a Perfect Grade O___O

  4. what? 30? taller then MG? even PG?

    tempting for me too, but maybe his Fang Joker is more tempting.

  5. @divinelight:
    to be honest I can't really recommend MG W Cyclone Joker, but maybe if Bandai later released Fang Joker had better proportions.

  6. 30cm that's Big by the way Some online stores already put sales for MG Cyclone joker >w<.