Monday, July 11, 2011

Indefinite Halt on Some Contents

I have some apologizing to do.

First of all let me tell you a little bit about myself.

From around two years from before the Chessboard Attic was made, I went to a college on a different city from where I live. Therefore I had to rent a place and make it my second home. It was around that time that my interest in gunpla grows and made me create this blog later. Fast forward until now, a couple months after I changed renting place (the one that made me made the "Goodbye Chessboard Attic" post), I am now close into graduating. Before I start making my thesis, the college needed me to do some interim work beforehand.

I am currently on a long holiday between semesters (2 full months of July and August). I planned to do my interim in that time and immediately start on my thesis when the next semester starts. As an IT student, at first I planned to make a website for a local gunpla retailer as my interim work. But I had some fear that that kind of work wouldn't give me experience of what "Office Work" is. My parents then asked their friends and managed to get me on a certain company. It's all good and well, but with one drawback: the office is located on the city where I originally live.

The reason why that is problematic for me (and mostly to this blog), is because of these:
1) I borrows the camera of my housemate for taking pictures for this blog. When sometimes the pictures in this blog is small and not on very good quality, it's because I took them with my phone (usually for short sidestory posts).
2) My house is a bit small and cramped, not all of my gunpla will be able to fit in my room. That combined with #1 would make it hard for me to create comic contents for this blog.
3) The next stop motion project, Mecha Hunter, was to be done by me and my housemate in this two month holiday. So being separated like this would mean we're not going to be able to work on it anytime soon, and apparently he will be busy by the time the next semester starts. Because of that, the Mecha Hunter project will have to be put on halt for an indefinite time :(.

Because of all that, I'm sorry to say that there might not be any stop-motion or comic contents until probably September "orz.

There is still some stuff left that I can post in this blog though, like the "is it not done yet?" Takemikazuchi's WIP :p. I also had some plan to make some comedy recap of animes like Ikemasen Ojou-sama, only in English. Although I have to ask you guys: If I'm going to make some anime-related contents, should I make a separate blog for it (separate the blog for gunpla and for anime), or should I just post it here?

I'll be waiting for the input :).

Other than that, I've finished my Hi-Nu Gundoom, and I'll be starting the RG Strike sometime soon.

(taken with cellphone camera, notice the quality)

I'll see you guys later :).

PS: This post was made during the break of my first day at work. :p

PPS: That 4th of July post was made when I was at the peak of my frustration because of the silly and stressing chain of events that befalls me on that day. I'll tell you some other time, it's quite hilarious.


  1. Dun worry. Things will work out at the end... XD

  2. Take it easy. That's what the Yukkuri tends to say. =D

  3. All these college stories are starting to make me worry about college now haha...
    RG Gundam looks shock at Hi-Nu Gundoom lol.

  4. Stick everything where they were, no need to separate what was originally a single site. Unless of course it's a multi-user site like social networks or forums.

    But for blogs, keep all things in one place. But try to use other blog services that allows better categorization and/or organization (tagging).

    Since you already have a lot of content i can see why you would think twice of converting to wordpress.

    But as far as i know, there is an import tool to wordpress from blogger so all you need is to recategorize, check formatting and reshaping the layout of the blog.

    A blog is a blog is a blog, you did this because you loved this and you wanted to share. When you decided to "cater" your blog on a plate to your audience you'll soon find blogging more of a chore rather than a personal joy.


    I've been in your shoes once, but way back in 2001

  5. @hispersonal:
    Thanks, that is a very nice advice from you :).

    If anything, making this blog actually gave me a new purpose, but sometimes balancing in being a spectator and being a participant can get me quite stressed.
    But you're right, having and sharing fun while blogging definitely goes easier compared to doing something I like less (which explains why there are more comics post and less WIP & review post).

    I'll try moving the blog once I finish my college hopefully within early next year. I have thought up some stuff to do on wordpress while I'm on intern work, but when I finally get back to blogging and college, I just couldn't handle the rush of stuff I need to catch up ;^^.

    Thx for your comment, that meant much. :D