Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Started building RG Aile Strike

Build this using a thicker marker than usual. You might see that some panel line are too thick.

I have to say, this kit's built is a bit simpler compared to the previous two RG. There are still variations of the colors (3 types of white & 2 type of red, but only 1 tyype of blue), but the placement of the colors aren't as... "aggressive", if I might put it, compared to the RG RX-78-2 and the RG Zaku. Because of that and how the connection parts are designed this time, the whole kit become much more stable than the previous two RGs.

The loose skirts, an issue both the RX & Zaku had, were dealt by making the connector from the skirts to the waist longer. The kit's stability is also better compared to RG RX and RG Zaku, wherein RG RX and RG Zaku would definitely fall to the ground with a single flick, RG Strike can still stand still even after a little push (although my built isn't really finished). This is probably because of the longer feet design compared to the RX-78-2 & Zaku's feet design, but this is definitely needed because of the Aile pack (I'm pretty sure that the "won't fall in a single flick" would no longer be valid when the Strike equips the Aile pack hahaha).

I'm really eager in continuing building this kit. But due to the time constraints because of my interim work, I'm probably can only continue building this Saturday.


  1. Good progress so far... Already can see the difference in the kit from your current build stage XD

  2. Those lines, they reminded me of dalong's style. XD

    And yes, longer feet = more stability, is one of the reasons I get this instead of the previous kits. Then again, with the Aile Strike pack... Yeah~

  3. Gunso is right, it looks almost like Dalong's style lining haha. Hopefully RG Freedom will be a bit better in terms of stability.

  4. @Gundam Gunso:
    Thx, my expectation of the future RG line is growing evermore as I build each new ones :D.

    Haha, the thick, all over the place lining XD. Whether that's a good thing or not, we'll see when it's finished. I still tried to make it as tidy as possible though.

    Hopefully, especially since Freedom's backpack aren't as heavy as Aile Strike's... well, as long as Bandai doesn't over-complicate the wing's build design ;^^.