Monday, April 11, 2011

Goodbye Chessboard Attic

The place, not the blog, it's still continuing =/

So yeah, I actually moved from my old rental place to another rental, which is why I went absent for a while (also because of exams and the usual laziness :p ) While it wasn't the most comfortable place *coughbugmosquitoedustcreakyfloorshortcircuitcrampedcough*, it sure has it own charm, mainly being the inspiration to this blog's name, and some other stuff *coughceapereasiertogotocollegecough* AHEM, I need to drink some cough medicine.

I moved together with my roommate (whose collection is half of what that pic above showed), although we're on separate room now since the rooms are single rooms, so there might be less Figma and some gunpla showing up, though I'm pretty sure he'll lend me some for comics and such.

Now I have desk (yes, I did not have any desk on my previous rental, guess where I use my laptop =/), but as you can see, there's not much space to put figures and plamos there. I might buy another desk exclusively for displaying them later, but for a while most of my plamos will have to be patient in their boxes.

For now, I have shot GM Custom and Nobell's WIP and they're ready to be edited. Other than that, I have some idea about some comics, but has yet to shoot them due to the related plamos still being inside their boxes. And I probably gonna start building the Takemikazuchi either tomorrow or the day after. So in preparation for an exhilarating Kotobukiya build, I bought some...

Sanding sponges!!

...... yeah that should help.

This blog should be kicking again by the end of the month. Until then, see you later!

By the way, any idea to make my new place more "Chessboard Attic"ish? Surely I can't call it "Ceramic Ground Floor".


  1. i wished you know i freaked out i am when i see this on my blogroll

    wanna keep up the chessboard? what about having a chess board as the floor whenever you do a story etc?

  2. Jeez... You just scared me for a while with the title. >.<

    To make more chessboard like, get some of those patterned floor mats with black and white patterns. =D

  3. Ahahahahah sorry guys. XD
    I guess I should've posted this on 1st of April. :p

    An actual chessboard? might be too small as a floor.
    But maybe as a background...

    Floor mats huh... there is an empty space near the door that I could use. I wanted to keep them on the table, but I'll try that if I can find one.

  4. Ceramic Ground Floor sounds unique too LOL

  5. Hope you get an equally interesting place to rent. Where are you located by the way?

    I remember when I was a student in university, in the 3 years I was there, I had to move 7 times!!! Its a good thing that I only have got 2 model kits back then and that wasnt too bad.

    Hope to see more "4Koma" of your kits as well as the new place :)

  6. @Elvin:
    I live in Indonesia.

    Whoa 7 times in 3 years? That must be quite tiring to adapt each time you move.

    Will do my best on my comics, thx :D

  7. man, for a moment your blog entry had me lol! Glad to know its just a shift and not an end! Looking forward to your Takemikazuchi build!