Friday, April 8, 2011

Will be back shortly

Look who's here.
Oh, a different background setting? *dundundun!*


  1. Ohhh. Finally you've found her. And... That looks like one big guy still inside the box...

  2. Yeah, I'm probably gonna build that Takemikazuchi next week, after I finishes my exams.

  3. Ahhh no wonder the Takemikazuchi from Mutenroshi's J-Shop is sold out, were you the one who bought it?

  4. @DarkFaiz:
    nope. I got mine from Hobby Japan Online.
    At first I contacted J-Shop, but they told me they couldn't get one at the time, so I contacted HJO. Later J-Shop said they managed to get one, but by then I already ordered mine from HJO ;^^.

  5. Did you use paint for Nobel Gundam?

  6. @hiroy_raind:
    That means some other guy got it first, damn this thing is rare, I miss it just a few days then its sold out.....~_~

  7. @Tom:
    Other than the gray gundam marker for the hair and the red gundam marker for the vulcan, nope.

    Ouch, you might wanna try to contact, ask them if they still can get you that, or maybe the Takamura Yui ver. (the yellow Takemikazuchi).

  8. Thanks, but I already contact J-Shop and he say he will check his supplier first, although I've seen HobbyJapan site and they seem to have it in stock.
    Eitherway I still need to wait until the 26th for my salary, just burn my wallet empty because of PG Strike Freedom....X_X

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