Saturday, March 19, 2011

[4Koma] In The Way Of Love

note: This 4koma has been shot by last valentine, but I only managed to edit 'em just now.
I need to get over this laziness "orz

By the time this 4koma was posted, the HGFC Nobell still hasn't arrived at the board. =/


  1. WTF?!!! The read atmosphere~!
    Iku Nagae: Aah-choo~!

    She haven't arrived? O_o

  2. That zaku must be home... XD

    Still, how about going for Nadleeh or Strike Rouge?

  3. @bd77:
    Some "misunderstanding" happened and I bought another kit in her place, and she got sold out pretty quickly ;^^.
    I finally managed to get her recently, she should arrive her in a couple of days.

    I think Strike Rouge is more "A mecha piloted by a female" rather than "a feminine-looking mecha". I really don't know about Nadleeh though ;^^

  4. @ ZD Nadleeh is a dude with long hair lol!!

    What the hell, wasn't expecting a sausage to pop out at the last moment lol!!

  5. Oh Zakus, lol. They always come in at the wrong time. XD