Sunday, June 12, 2011

[Sidestory] Recent stuff June 12th 2011


Here's my next build, the RG Aile Strike and the controversial MC Model HG Hi-Nu Gundoom.

To be honest, I never had any interested in bootleg kits, including earlier MC Models like the Nu Gundoom nor the SD Nightiangle, but I have to say this one took over me ;^^.
This kit definitely took my attention, especially since the original HGUC Hi-Nu Gundam was quite... underwhelming ;=_=. I didn't plan on getting one, but one friend of mine kept pestering about it. The last straw was drawn when I found it was sold at the same price of RG Aile Strike by a local online seller. I fell, hook, line, and sinker. ;^^

Due to the controversial nature of the Gundoom, I will try to minimize it's exposure in this blog, so there will be no WIP nor review (unless it was requested) except some small parts where I put some detailing. It also won't show up much on the comics other than the one I planned for around 2 weeks from now, for a certain "special" occasion.

Anyway, even though I said "minimized", I still wanted to show the unboxing of this "unusual" kit :p.

Another box inside another box, I guess it kept the box shape and minimize dents. The delivery around here can be rough at times, and I rarely get a perfect, dent-free box unless I bought it straight from the shop, so I guess that helps.

Open the inner box, and.... uh, what?

Errrr... thanks for the... "cushioning", I guess?

Densely packed plastic bags. Most of them have at least 3 runners inside.
The manual implied that every single of those plastics parts are ABS plastics, really?

Hidden inside the box are the resin clear part, the PVC wings of light, and the water slide decal. The decal is exactly the same as the water slide decal for MG 1/100 Hi Nu Gundam, only smaller in size (modified for 1/144 scale I guess).

Whoa, I've heard the wings were big, but I never thought it would be THAT big.

So that's it. I'm going to do the Gundoom first because it'll have a central role for the "special" comic that's coming soon, although I would probably be kinda late in the build because I'm gonna have some exams next week.

See you later guys. :)


  1. aha, dont worry, Hi-Nu Gundoom is a nice kit :D and i done snapfitting mine, and i dont care a hell of this kit being controversial or not.

    you got your wing effects all straighten, mine is bent a bit at the tip

    and btw, check my latest post for another extra freebies for Gundoom ^^

  2. The Gundoom, controversial? Them 1D10T5 don't even know what they're missing (actually, they should commit seppuku).

    Would have bought it if not due to budgetary constraints... v_v

    As for the RG, watch out for uber tiny parts and uber tiny decals...

  3. Unfortunately... I got the gundoom without the decals... =.='

  4. on a side note, dont misunderstand my post. dont make new lens from the wings, the lens are at the holes on the wings :D

  5. whoa... the 'cushioning' is interesting. Dun fret, the Gundoom is a nice kit from what I heard. Planning to get one myself.. XD

  6. @ZoiDieCT:
    Actually while my wings area straight on the unboxing, the second time I opened it, it got kinda bent on the end too. I tried straightening it up and left it for a while. It kinda worked I think.
    Thx for the tip! Yeah I know it's the punched hole from the wings, it's not like I'm gonna actually cut that cool wings even if it's most likely won't be used as display because it's too space-consuming.

    I'll be careful on building the RG Strike. The experience from building the previous two RG should help :). I agree on the decals. I have just recently finished putting the decals on RG Zaku-II, and somewhere in the middle of putting them, one tiny decal jumped when placed and flew somewhere, couldn't find it even after a thorough search on my desk and floor. Finally found it two days later that it was stuck in a gap in the rear skirt ;=_=.

    Wha, was the decal a limited release or something?
    Then again, I'm actually kinda confused on where to put the decals because there's so much panel line, there might not be enough surface for the decal to be placed LOL XD

  7. It seems like the MC Hi-Nu Gundoom is a popular kit. Hope to see yours rolled out soon!

  8. @Gundam Gunso:
    So I heard too. I'm having some hopes in this kit and even probably the MC Model lines if it keep picking interesting resin kits (GP04 Gundam Gerbera & Re-GZ Custom please).

    It is indeed, lots of people on the gunpla blogsphere are getting this kit and you can easily understand why.

  9. Actually, the water slide decal, the wing effect, & the huge beam saber is said to be a first release bonus, that's why they're in another box with the word "special collectible for the first time - not for sale", so those who buy the second release won't get them

  10. @DarkFaiz:
    I see. I thought that "not for sale" was a trick the MC Model going to use if they were ever sued. I guess I thought too much. :p

  11. That's it! I'm getting this SOB (The McModel) for my blog's first anniv! It's just damn awesome, I'm already powerless to resist, sans financial constraints...

  12. @Zeon_Two_Six:
    Hahaha, a special model for a special occasion huh? :D

  13. Looking forward to a comical review of this :)

  14. What website did you buy it on?

  15. I see, thanks for the fast reply.