Thursday, June 2, 2011

Finally managed to finish the Takemikazuchi!!

After like a month since starting building this kit...


Pics after the jump.

What made me took so long:
- Used Chubbybots' sand all parts for flat look method.
- Painted the parts beneath the red clear parts with silver.
- Painted the wrong color parts with silver, and then with the supposed correct color.
- Played Muv-Luv Alternative because the translation was finished.
- Assignments, multiple assignments
- Got nostalgic and played Xenogears again.
- Played Minecraft and Terraria :p.
- Painting the fingers.
- Usual laziness.
- Painting the GODDAMN fingers.

Already took over 100 pics, hopefully I can edit the WIP soon.


  1. Takemikazuchi : plenty of weapons FOR ALL!

  2. Wow...that is sure a lot of parts to sand and i really applaud you for the effort.Thanks for the link back! Quick post the pictures up! Dying to see the end results!

  3. LoL. Your GM-Custom is stumped with the insane number of parts. XD

  4. Be careful with the jump units, they SUCK.
    Any plans to get any of the other color variants of the Takemikaduchi? The 00F, red color variant was just announced for September.
    Personally I want the white one...

  5. Playing the Muv Luv Alternative, that alone takes about 3-4 days XP
    Mine is still in the box, planning to work on the MC hi nu gundoom first
    BTW the Tsukuyomi Mana ver. really looks good and it got a new rifle and action base... Can't decide to buy it or not

  6. @ZoiDiect:
    Hurry! Stock is limited! XD

    Thank you too! I really wanted this one to look as good as I can get it done, and your method is exactly what I can do! XD

    He wished he can have that many accessories too. XD

    Yeah, it's kinda hard to make the jump units look right, not to mention I'm scared to tear the sphere polycap. Kotobukiya and their weird design ;=_=.
    I passed the Takamura Yui color, yellow and purple looked kinda weird in real 3D. I do want the Tsukkuyomi color, but wasn't that one limited? If it is then I might actually pass that one too ;^^.
    Do want the white royal guard color though.
    I already pre-ordered the Shiranui Niigata, but I picked the Tarisa Mandala color, liked it more than the demonstration color (but if they'll release Yuuya's white one... I'm screwed X_X).
    I'm still thinking whether I want to get the F-18 or not. But if F-22, Typhoon, or Berkut were ever to be released, I'd buy them in a heartbeat.

    I still haven't finished the game either @_@.
    Oh the Gundoom? heheheh I'll see you on my next post >:3.
    I know understand why every Kotobukiya's TSF after the first Takemikazuchi get their own action base. The thing cannot pose other than standing straight without support, the feet-leg connection aren't strong enough to held the kit's weight X_X.

  7. is this Muv-Luv kit a 1/144 scale? It's almost as tall as Sazabi.

  8. @Tom:
    Nope, it's a non-scale kit, and to be honest I don't know the real size either because I never manage to find any statistical record of it's height from the kit's box, manual, & artbooks. But if I'm not mistaken, I've heard that it's actually smaller than the usual Gundam size.