Sunday, June 26, 2011

"Chessboard Attic's 1st Anniversary!!" ...or that's what it's supposed to be.

It's the 26th of June, and it has been a whole year since the start of Chessboard Attic!

And it's time for the "special" comic that I've been talking about, the epic Hi-Nu Gundoom saga!!

...Is what I'd like to say...

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I didn't made it in time even for my own blog's anniversary "orz.
While I would like to blame it on the fact that I was working to get internship so I could graduate next year, I cannot deny that I am guilty of lazing around playing God Eater and Gundam Memories ;^^.

And for the backlogs themselves...

Well the gundoom's plastics looked really shiny, in a bad way. So I simply sanded every single parts just like what I did to Takemikazuchi.
Other than that, I didn't like most of the stickers (most of it either got bad colors, didn't fill all the parts that it was supposed to, or both), so I used markers to replace them. I also used the markers to either correct some colors, recreate the look of the original resin, or adding my usual extra love of gold and silver here and there. I left some parts as it were though.
It didn't help either when the pegs for the fin funnels are actually a bit too big for their designated hole, so I had to sand all of them too.

Loved how this one looks, but it still gonna take some time before it's finished ;^^.

I'm still editing these. As I've mentioned, there's over 100 pics (161 to be exact), and I'm prioritizing the anniversary comic first, so expect it after that ;^^

After the two above you ;^^.

I would've like to say that I'll be able to finish the comic by next week, but by Tuesday I need to go back on my other home and remove the stitches from my wisdom tooth operation I did two weeks ago. So all I can say is, "it's coming soon".
I also intended to make a post of current stuff and something else, but with these backlogs, I can't put my hopes up yet ;^^.
Until then, see you guys!


  1. Happy anniversary! Time flies when you're blogging.

  2. Happy Anniversary!! Good luck backlogs~~ ^^

  3. Happy anniversary! Really enjoy reading your comics XD.

  4. Happy Anniversary! Speedy recovery on your wisdom tooth!

    I can see you are putting the sanding technique to great use!

  5. Happy first year, dude. =D
    LoL~! Your kits are getting uneasy. XD

    And an OUCH to your tooth operation... >.<

  6. @Tom:
    Time flies by when your enjoying what you're doing, and I definitely had fun with this blog :D

    Thanks, gotta work hard! XD

    @Gundam Gunso:
    Thanks, hopefully I can continue such pleasure :).

    Thanks. I think I'm gonna use that sanding technique for every kit I'm gonna work from now on, the end results is incredible for me that haven't got into painting kits. :D

    Thanks. Yeah, it was definitely OUCHIES for a couple of days after the operation. Thank God those were my day off ;^^.