Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Toys Fair: 3rd Toys Mania 2010

The most eye catching stand on the fair due to it's mountains of plamo.

Went to the local annual toy fair last sunday with only one thing in my mind: getting the HGUC Sinanju.

Finally I managed to get my hand on the HGUC Sinanju. It took quite a long time compared to others overseas. One funny thing is that I contacted almost all of the few local retailer I know on the end of November and asked whether they have the HGUC Sinanju on stock, and most of them said they don't have it yet (although some already had HGUC Gouf Custom ;^^). And then I contacted White Base's Vixion...

Me: "So is the HGUC Sinanju in stock?"
Vixion: "Nope."
Me: "Ah I see... Will you have it on stock at the Toys Fair on December?"
Vixion: "Yup."
Me: "......"


Well back to topic, I went there planned only to get the HGUC Sinanju (hence my wallet was only prepared for that), and almost immediately I regretted that. Unexpectedly, the Toy Fair was quite interesting with many interesting stuffs. Here's some of the stuffs that piqued my interest.

Oh the Kotobukiya goodness, including the recent Ialdabaoth and Crest Assault ver.!!
Now I'll know where to order to get Kotobukiya kits locally (especially the awaited Takemikazuchi) XD

Caps featuring the symbols of Amuro, NERV, & E.F.S.F.
Too bad the quality wasn't very good (and it didn't fit my bighead :p)

Char's mug! It's either 3x times hotter, or 3x times quicker to finish the drink!

Wow, the limited Nendoroid Snow Miku. Never thought I would see it here.

Walls of Nendo.
I'm glad I'm not collecting Nendos, at least not yet ;^^.

Bootleg/Custom Dakimakura & pillow covers.
The quality is pretty good and the price is definitely cheaper than original dakimakuras.
I can't help but smile seeing how many Touhou characters were in this stand hahaha.
Due to it being a local event, the dakimakuras are limited to their "safe" kind :3.

Four of the better MG Zaku stacked together.
I really want all of 'em, or at least the Shin Matsunaga custom.

Koenig Monster!

The limited SHF Nasca Dopant.
Perhaps the SHF that I wanted to get the most, but sadly it's limited and hence pretty expensive =/.

Three big sized awesome quality figures.

The Ingram from Patlabor had the lights on the shoulder active, and a full pilot inside.

The Kerberos's Armor from Jin-Roh. Looked very incredible and much more awesome even compared to the Revoltech ver.
The cloth were made from real leather-like fabric O_o.

The YF-19 from Macross Plus. I don't think this one is transformable, or is it?

Funny little toys of Ryuuki, Agito, & Kuuga.
The neck, arms, and legs made me laugh but also creeped me out a bit ;^^.

A local forum where I'm a member of is having a small Gran Turismo 5 Tourney.
Didn't participate since I couldn't even handle Arcade-type racing game, not to mention the Simulation-type ;^^.

They also held free test of Xbox 360's Kinect. I tried playing Fighters Uncaged and Dance Central.
I can't really say it went very well, since where wasn't enough room for the Kinect to work properly (Kinect demands you to have huge space when playing =/).
It definitely felt weird when your punch is registered as a kick and when you scored higher when doing sexy dance compared to normal dance....... oops. X_X
Sorry, no video of me embarrassing myself in front of my friends :p.

Also on a side note, there's a cosplay competition although I didn't pay much attention.

Hey, Kamen no Maid Guy!! That's unexpected XD!

A passing through Kamen Rider... Looking for food LOL.

And even Blade King Form from the Final eps still chasing him around XD.


  1. Wow... dang lucky you... T_T

    Sooo much wants... uuu...

    *shocku* KAMEN Meido GAI~! EPI... huh? Kamen Riders, looking for food? XD

  2. @bd77:
    I wouldn't reallly call it lucky. It totally hurts to be there AND did not carry enough money other than 1 stuff TT_TT

    Even superheroes needs foods!
    This actually reminds me of the live stage of KR Decade XD

  3. wow look at all those kits O_O ehhh they sell unicorn kit w/ head display stand?!

    hungry Decade traveling through different worlds to try their delicacies lol

  4. @rockleelotus:
    Nice observation! :D
    yes they do sell the Unicorn with head stand here.

    Let's just hope Decade doesn't run into a sea cucumber restaurant XD

  5. LOL on the Char reference on the mug... XD

    P.S. You may not be the only one bitten by the Red Comet sting... :D

  6. Bro, yang bakal masukin Takemikazuchi toko mana ? WhiteBase?

  7. @Evil Gunpla Overlord:
    bukan, J-Shop