Thursday, December 2, 2010

SD Gundam G Generation World

Hi there, been quite a while since I updated my blog ;^^.
At first I'm going to talk about that, but I thought this new had bigger priorities first (and I felt guilty if I were to post two "Recent Stuff" in a row ;^^).

SD Gundam G Generation World
For PSP & Wii
Release Date: Feb. 24th, 2011


I first saw this on Gundam Guy, and then on another couple site. I'm very excited for this game as I loved the last G Gen (G Gen Wars on PS2), and this game still uses the same graphic style that was used on Spirits and Wars.

Here's the list of series included in this game:
* Mobile Suit Gundam
* 「MSV」
* 「MSX」
* MS Igloo – The Hidden One Year War
* 0079
* Mobile Suit Gundam – The 08th MS Team
* Mobile Suit Gundam – The Blue-Destiny
* Zeonic Front Mobile Suit Gundam 0079
* Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story The End of a Flash
* Mobile Suit 0080 – War in the Pocket
* Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 STARDUST MEMORY
* Advance of Z – Under the Banner of Titans (I hope this includes more than the regular Hazel)
* Mobile Suit Gundam Z
* Mobile Suit Gundam Z Theatrical Version (separated? O_o)
* Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ
* Mobile Suit Gundam – Char’s Counterattack
* 「M-MSV」
* Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway’s Flash
* Mobile Suit Gundam F90
* Mobile Suit Gundam Silhouette Formula F91
* Mobile Suit Gundam F91」
* 「F91-MSV」
* Mobile Suit Gundam Crossbone Gundam
* Mobile Suit Gundam Crossbone Gundam - Skull Heart
* Mobile Suit Gundam Crossbone Gundam – Steel Seven
* Mobile Suit Gundam V
* Mobile Fighter G Gundam
* New Mobile Report Gundam W
* New Mobile Report Gundam W – Endless Waltz
* After War Gundam X
* Turn A Gundam
* Mobile Suit Gundam Seed
* Mobile Suit Gundam Seed ASTRAY (I'm pretty sure there was a lot of people have been wanting this since Wars :D)
* Mobile Suit Gundam Seed X ASTRAY
* Mobile Suit Gundam DESTINY
* Mobile Suit Gundam Seed C.E.73 STARGAZER
* SD Gundam Gasphon Wars (hoh?)
* SD Gundam GX
* Mobile Suit Gundam – Gihren’s Ambition (Huh!?)
* Mobile Suit Gundam CROSS DIMENSION 0079 – Lost Wars Chronicles (whoah!?)
* Mobile Suit Gundam – Bonds of the Battlefield (Wheeee!!! XD)
* G Generation Original
* Gundam 00
* Gundam 00 'A Wakening of the Trailblazer'
* SD Gundam Sangokuden (WHOA WHAT)

Whew, that was a pretty big list for a G Gen ;^^, or perhaps the biggest ever? Some series took me by a total surprise (Lost War Chronicle, Bonds of the Battlefield, Sangokuden, etc).

And now some screenshots taken from Famitsu:

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn series

00 Qan[T]

I wonder whether this is a regular unit or a superpowered secret unit like 00 Raiser on G Gen Wars

Ryuubi Gundam

I'm guessing Sangokuden units works kinda like G Gundam Units, high powered attacks that consumes tension

Nu Gundam HWS

A returning unit from Spirits that didn't appear on Wars.
This raises my hopes of other units from Spirits to reappear (Hazel rah please! XD)

Striker Custom

A modified GM Striker that appeared on the light novel Gundam Katana

Efreet Natch

A unit from the Gundam Senki game on the PS3.
With this unit's appearance, I'm expecting RX-78-7 in this game too XD

According to Famitsu, instead of taking scenario from each series as the stages, all series within this game are already combined into a single world. Player's will then create it's own army (like most G Gen game) to capture famous places of the Gundam series. When the player captures a place, more places are then unlocked.

A Baoa Qu, Axis, Heliopolis, Neo Japan Colony, etc at the same place?
Space must be crowded.

Also there's some mentioning of a feature called Generation Break, although there's no info what this does at the moment.

I'm guessing this would be similar to the "Wars Break" feature on G Gen Wars, so I guess that means a certain place might have different scenario depending on it's generation.

So far that's all the news that I've found. I totally can't wait to play this game and once again create armies of my favorite MS! XD

Are there any other G Gen players around?


  1. woooo...sayang gaq ada psp / wii T.T

  2. Untung ada PSP, wajib tunggu niih

  3. this is gonna be a cool game :D

  4. sadly, I've never been a fan of the G generation games on any system. Something about them just prevents me from enjoying them.

    I'm a much bigger Super robot wars Fan. Speaking of which, I should take some time to play SRW L. But I just got Blazblue: continuum shift!

  5. @h4msterworld:
    I hope the game system won't change very much from the G Gen Wars, that one was good and fun.
    I'm also wondering how to get the characters in this game. Perhaps the character sprites shown in the map means which character you'll get if you clear the map?

    haha, I do agree on SRW being much more fun compared to G Gen (might be the grinding system, I think. Or the lack of the awesome over-the-top attacks? XD). But I still can like the G Gen series, especially since the last G Gen Wars was pretty good :D.

    oh, and about SRW L, play it! XD
    It's one of the best SRW on DS with balanced and fun gameplay.
    And Linebarrel is pretty awesome in this game, no matter how I hate the anime.

  6. @Hiroy_Raind: I'll get around to it but I have a fair bit going on right now so it might take a bit. Besides, I'm more of a PSP guy than DS and I have yet to finish the previous one, SRW K. I'm on the final stage and then I suddenly stopped playing...can't remember why but I just stopped. Dangaioh was awesome tho!

  7. this game will be quite fun...
    I hope there will be Gundam Unicorn "banshee" as playable MS...

  8. Look a little closer

  9. new feature in this game you can create a custom character

  10. @Anon:
    I've just looked it up. It certainly was an unique feature.
    Perhaps it is better than giving us original characters with their set growth & skill since we can customize our character to our liking :)

  11. a custom character???
    is it mean we can make our own character??
    for example making a character with our name???

  12. @Anon:
    yes we can :)
    there's more info about that on my other post

  13. @hiroy_raind :
    that's absolutely great!!!

  14. @ hiroy_raind :
    what MS that you use in your banner??
    from which series??
    I like it but I don't have idea what it is...

  15. @Anon:
    It's Gespenst Mk-II Custom Albero use.
    From Super Robot Wars Original Generation Gaiden.