Tuesday, June 29, 2010

[WIP] HGFC God Gundam pt2 - Upper Body

Okay, I'll be honest. I'm still not used to taking pictures when building a plamo kit, especially if there's no trouble in sight (because I would be just enjoying the whole building process and forget much other stuff). So... yes, I forgot to take pictures in some of the process of building the upper body this kit, specifically the arms & shoulders. I'm really sorry about that.

Back to the building. Next is the upper body, starting from the Energy Multiplier (the generator on the chest that opens up when God Gundam is about to pull a finishing move).

The energy multiplier were supposed to be in yellow, yet the parts provided would result in only blue.
(pic taken from

I didn't have yellow gundam marker, so instead I used gold gundam marker

We get to choose between three color of foil stickers for the core. Since we usually would only open the Energy Multiplier for God Gundam's Hyper Mode, it's quite questionable to pick anything other than red.

So, red it is.

The completed Energy Multiplier. the grooves on the yellow part are pretty shallow for panel lining, so I deepen those with design knife before panel lined.

The machine cannon (some sort of three concealed vulcan) on the chest which were supposed to be yellow are also left in blue. While we do get a sticker to cover it, it only covers the lowermost vulcan (the visible one) and it doesn't give a 3D feels to it.

so, again with the gold marker.

added the waist

And add the chest exhaust, the cover for the machine cannon, and the energy multiplier to comple the main body.
If you noticed, the neck is built connected with the chest part instead of being a separate part.

Opened the energy multiplier and the cover for the machine cannon to show the inside details.

Next, the vulcan on the head were supposed to be yellow. urgh, not again, and this is the smallest area to paint.

So again, gold marker. compare it to the size of my thumb to see how small it is.

Next is the antenna/horn. Just like any other 1/144 HG, the antenna are blunted.

Sharpened and put on the head. You can see the head have a seamline because for some reason the design of the parts are like older HG instead of newer HGUC where there is no seamline or the seamlines can be disguised as panel line.

Put the head on the body. With the vulcans on the head and the machine cannons on the chest, this Gundam have 10 vulcans!

With the body finished, next are the arms.

The part where the arm connects to the hand were supposed to be gray.

Painted with gray gundam marker.

And that's pretty much all that I took picture of ^^;. The rest of the arm and shoulder had no problem at all, I just went through them forgetting that I'm supposed to take record of it ><.
The finished upper body.

There was actually one more part that I painted with the gray marker.

The thruster located under the shoulder armor. On the kit it was red because it was the same part as the shoulder armor.
pic taken from

So that's it for the upper body. I will continue building on wednesday, so expect the newest update on this kit on thursday. Meanwhile, I might post old photos of my plamo collection.

I'll try not to miss taking pictures on the process of building in the future

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  1. Ah good job on those small little details man :D Makes the model more complete!