Monday, June 28, 2010

[WIP] HGFC God Gundam pt1 - Core Lander

Alright, continuing right off from my last post, today's post is about building the 1/144 HGFC God Gundam!!

FYI, my ReZEL Commander was already finished right before I started this blog, so I wasn't able to show it's construction >< oh, and just to clear things up, I do panel line and paint with gundam markers immediately at first build. Well then, the first thing that we were told to build on the manual is the Core Lander (God Gundam's equivalent of RX-78-2's Core Fighter). It's good to see the feature from the MG where the Core Lander can be separated from the main body is retained :). Alright then, let's build it!! ...and right on, we got trouble.

and not to mention that side of the wings are the visible side when the full God Gundam is viewed from the front! As I tried to remember the MG version of God Gundam [I've built one, not mine though, don't ask :) ], it indeed had gap in those parts...

but those gap were closed by another parts!! (pic taken from

After looking around Japanese review of the HGFC God Gundam, I found that GUNPLA ReVeNGe were able to seal the gap by using the foil sticker provided in this kit.

An excess of red parts without any purpose. Bandai usually never do that. Was this done on purpose?

the width is 2 cm. one side's height is 3.5 mm while the other one is 2.5 mm. then connect the top of both sides. There's enough for at least 4 tries in case you failed [like me :( ]

Not the best result, but it does what it supposed to do.

with that out of the way, the rest of the Core Lander had no problem at all.

Finished, foil stickers placed, panel lined. This side of the wings won't be visible when the full God Gundam is viewed from the front

The look from below. This side will be visible when the full God Gundam is viewed from the front. Now it looked almost exactly like the MG counterpart

With that done, we'll move on to the upper body of the God Gundam. Which will be posted by tomorrow!

A size comparison with the HGUC ReZEL Commander Type :p


  1. I'm looking forward to your review of the HGFC God Gundam. The hollow bits on the red wing parts really seem odd to me and are similar to the hollow bits on SD model kits. I wonder why Bandai would do such a thing on an HG model, particularly on such a visible component.

  2. I'm not sure, but maybe with that they can reduce weight (for balance) or to reduce fragility.

    thought I wished they compensate us, or at least told us how to.

  3. also like god, should I get this one?
    for the holes problem, you can fill it with epoxy putty. But you'll need to sand it later.

  4. @heathorn:
    Please do! Even if this kit had a couple of small problem, this kit is a good representation of a 1/144 God Gundam.

  5. Oh, and I didn't use putty because I don't paint (didn't have the tools =( )