Wednesday, February 15, 2012

[Comic] Valentine Party


This comic is edited purely with photoshop. Haven't tried it with Comipo! since this was in a hurry, and wasn't taken using my usual camera (in fact, these pictures were taken by my friend. The plamos are mine though).

In other news, here's my current situation:
  1. I (shockingly) didn't win the Comipo! contest for some reason (other participants, including the grand prize winner, wondered why I didn't win anything). I pursued Comipo! staff to at least tell me why I didn't win so that I can do better on the next contests, but had no luck so far. My biggest guess on why I didn't win is that I used the Zaku head which might made my entry having some copyright issues (although one of the winner also had a copyright content, without censor). I also thought that since a lot of my jokes (and SFXs) are Japanese, the judges might thought that I'm just plagiarizing a Japanese Comipo! comic while I actually made those jokes on my own.
    Then again, these are just my theories since there's no response from the judges. I'm not trough with Comipo! yet, so hopefully I can win the next contests.
  2. Had a really bad cold for a week and no sign of recovering soon.
  3. Started working on my final project for college, meaning that I have to go on my College 8 hours a day on workdays.
  4. Currently building HGUC Gouf Custom.
  5. My usual camera still hasn't returned. Will do a test comic using plamo & Comipo when it does, and start working on the Epic comic afterwards.

All in all, a pretty rough week.

Meanwhile, have a d*ck sausage to the face.

He's either in awe or disgust
It took more than 30 minutes to make it so that Shiranui can hold the sausage without any support


  1. Ah, the Sausage strikes again. This time, Char's getting into it... XD

    Quite a freak-fest innuendo there with that Muv-Luv kit, Strike, and (of course) Char. Menage-a-trois, anyone? XD

    BTW, will be looking forward to Chuck and yer Gundoom, buddy... ^^

    1. Huh? What's a menage-a-trois?
      Ugh, no, must... unimagine...

      Gouf Custom's waist mobility kinda disappointed me (it is to be expected though), but his sharp and mean look really grows on me, even though he isn't finished XD.
      Yeah, the Gundoom has been standing tall above my cabinet for quite a while. It's about time for him to get in action.

    2. Well, as the old adage goes... "What has been seen can never... EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVER... be unseen... XD"

  2. hahaha, I got a good LoL with this one.

  3. What is this? The Forever Alone club? XD

    Those two Zakus are pretty "happy". XD

    Sorry about your entry, tho.

    1. The Zakus chose not to despairs and decided to enjoy their "loneliness" with other forever aloners XD.