Sunday, August 28, 2011

[Sidestory] Random Photography 28th August 2011

Hey there,

Intern work was finally over last friday!
Now all that's left is to finish my dental problem (should be patched on my next visit), and let me enjoy some games (DS Castlevanias & Free Space 2 :p), and then I'll be back on my other house and should be back on business!

Meanwhile, here's some random photos that I took.

I think, therefore I am built.

"Is he still not gonna make more comics?"
"Soon, he said


Insert 90's movie song here.

Run or be raped.

Because thinking robot is KEWL.

"er-- Strike, I think he wants to read those comics you're stepping on."


  1. Lol, still having fun with the Strike? XD

  2. Totally! It's a total fun when you're kit is detailed, well-articulated, and most of all, stable.