Sunday, August 14, 2011

[Sidestory] The Adventure of RG Strike

Sorry for the recent lack of post.

Anyway, this is something I shot a couple weeks ago, when I have finished the RG Strike but haven't finished it's equipment and Aile Striker.
The story is, that a friend of mine post a picture of MG RX-78-2 ver. OYW doing an orz on his Facebook. And after that, it goes like this:
Me: "I'll try that with my RG Strike :)."
Friend: "Please do, and do other funny poses while you're at it."
Me: "OK."

Aaaand I went overboard and pretty much made a tour of my room using Strike XD.

You can barely see my friend's MG RX-78-2 ver. OYW on the notebook's screen.

I always wanted to take a pic of a plamo/figure climbing something, as long as it's safe.
"Climbing an open notebook is safe?"
Yeah whatever :p

I love how my incompetence in keeping my phone stay still while taking the picture
actually made the perfect motion blur for this pose.

My old Pentium-4 CPU that I have never used since 3 years ago.

A DVD player my cousin gave me, which is kinda odd since I'm rarely at this home
and I rarely watches DVD anyway.
So yeah, never actually used it.

And on top of my bookshelf are my non-plamo collections, mostly being the Super Robot Wars Original Generation One Coin Grande Figure.

The Excellen figure from the foresaid One Coind Grande.

Seolla & Kusuha.
They're not actually that creepy, it's just the flash from my crappy phone.
"Or maybe your crappy photography skill."
Shut up.

The Alt Eisen Riese from the One Coin Grande Figure.
It's pretty interesting that the shoulders can actually rotate up and down, and the head can rotate a bit.
But with the elbow and everything else fixed, I'm pretty sure there's no other pose for this figure.
And yeah, I lost the horn, not to mention I also broke the left side skirt :(.

Even so, it's still fierce enough to scare Strike!!
"And apparently also enough to scare the camera into an error."

One Coin Grande Figure Cybuster.
This one actually had more articulation than the Alt Eisen Riese.
The shoulders can rotate just like Riese, and the forearm and hand can rotate, allowing more poses with this figure.
Also, pointy sharp stuff from the shoulders ARE sharp.

And the last one, the Mass Produced Huckebein Mk-II.
At first I felt weird, especially since we got Seolla and Kusuha, I was expecting Wild Wurger/Falken or Ryu-Kou-Oh.
But after a while, this turns into my most favorite robot figure of the three.
I never paid any attention to the details of this MP Huck Mk-II during the game,
but now I'm in love with them.
I never thought the combination of sand yellow-gray-white can actually be this subtly awesome (IMO the original Huckebeins color schemes were kinda over the top with the very contrasting yellow on the blue body).
"An interesting note is that this is the only Huckebein that wasn't designed by Hajime Katoki."
Also, this is the most articulate figure of the three, with the ability for the head to rotate, rotating shoulders, arms rotate under the shoulder, rotating hands, and slightly rotatable wings.

And then there's the mini figures of Sazabi and Nu Gundam.
They're actually as articulate as a HG figure with 90 degrees bent on elbow and knee,
movable front skirt, and swivel-jointed feet.
"Stop saying 'actually'."
The details are also pretty good.
The downside is that the back skirt are fixed (of course) and tend to fall off pretty easily.
"Hey there, Mr. Gespenst Mk-II on the background."

Below those figures are old, unused books that my mother shoved to me.
I never felt these books are relevant to me, so for those that guessed that I never read them, cookies for you.
"You? Read books other than comics? PREPOSTEROUS!!"

And below those, my collections of older comics (the newer ones are on the other house)
And some other books from the upper shelf that was placed there because there's no more space.

I believe I got this localized guide book almost ten years ago.
The funny thing is that I bought this even though I haven't watched much Gundam SEED at that time.

My PS2 game collections.
I don't get to play much games lately, since I don't have current gen consoles nor a good PC.
But every now and then, I get to play obscure games or really old games
(I replayed Xenogears, Legend of Mana, and Castlevania Symphony of the Night a couple months ago).

And this is probably the most unrelated to gunpla stuff, pro wrestling.
I used to be a fan of WWE when it used to air on my country almost a decade ago.
After some stupid stuff and it was taken off air, I pretty much got cut off from it,
but I still plays the video games (mostly because of the character creation).
Earlier this year, I started watching WWE again after one of my favorite movie/game reviewer made some reviews.
Nowadays wrestling aren't very good, at least until around two months ago, where CM Punk did something "extreme" and now he's pretty much the hottest topic in the world of wrestling.
I'm really glad I came back and watched wrestling :D.

Anyway, that enough about my room and me for now.
My intern work is going to be done in a couple of weeks.
Hopefully after that I can go back and put my focus to this blog.
I planned something big for my blog, hopefully I can make it a reality.
See you later :).


  1. Haha... Great idea in letting RG Aile Strike showing us around ...XD

  2. The SRW girls are pretty... :9

    Your Strike is a brave unit to explore those dusty environments and huge books.

    Something big, eh?
    *waits warmingly*

  3. You got some really dusty areas haha.

  4. Messy room you got there LoL
    But the photos are hillarious :D I had a pretty good laugh.

  5. @Gundam Gunso:
    It was totally a spur of the moment.

    you won't be dissapointed :)

    @Tom & h4msterworld:
    Precisely why I prefer the "other" house.

  6. ohoho, you have the complete set of the SRW trading figure!
    saya nyari udah jarang banget itu di sini.

  7. @heathorn:
    Hahaha, I got those around 4-5 years ago.
    I guess I'm kinda lucky to get it :p.