Thursday, February 3, 2011

[Sidestory] Recent stuff February 2nd 2011


Some stuff happened with the Jegan, and a certain sniper has arrived.

You might notice that in the Blazing Comet Kick comics that Jegan said that his shield was broken.
Well the truth is, it's already broken for quite a while, but I fixed it with a super glue. Unfortunately, it broke again after shooting Figumo Warfare ;^^.
Worst part is, I lost the broken part needed to restore it X_X.
I'm sure many of you have some repairing tips to fix that, but the idea that Jegan no longer have a shield gave me an idea.
I usually don't like a MS that have a weapon on one of it's hand but none on the other hand (unless the empty hand can act as a support to the aforementioned weapon). So I had an idea where Jegan's left hand should be given Stark Jegan's beam rifle (which were unused anyway).

Some small cutting so that it'll fit's Jegan's non-trigger hand.

Kinda loose, but good enough, I think.

In other news, I finally managed to get my hands on one of the few older HGUC that I wanted, the Zaku I Sniper!! XD

Clear parts for the monoeye and sniper scope!!
It's supposed to be covered with stickers later on, but putting stickers over clear parts is a crime!!
(well maybe except eye parts :p)

An older HGUC build design.
In other words: SEAMLINES, seamlines everywhere!! T_T

The monoeyes are happy that their ranks has increased in numbers.



  1. A Sniper Zaku counts as two units, just because he can snipe the EFSF grunts with ease XD

  2. Cool dual-wielding Jegan there. =D
    TK221's (aka Stark Jegan) bazooka is STILL with Haruhi.

    A sure-fire way to ruined any snipers' day:
    Launch a few rounds of flare grenades. XD

  3. Cool! a dual wielding MS is sure looks mean!

  4. Pft, jegans can take on anything, as long as they're not red figures or with bits