Saturday, January 5, 2013

New banner is up!

Finally finished the new banner!
Phew, that took like, what, half a year?

Finally worked on it again after left forgotten on my folders. Left the Window XP wallpaper background and went with the usual chessboard motif instead for the background.
Poured hours to make the title with effects that at first I thought were "cool", only to end up looking incredibly tacky and gaudy. Ended up with a simple one that works.

Sorry it took so long, and thank you very much to all that have voted for which kits to appear on the banner and gave advices.


  1. The Michaelangelo banner is finally here! XD

    Sometimes simplicity is the way to go, and is nicer to look at than something more complex!

    1. Hahaha, it made me think that I might also overdid something in other parts of it :p

  2. I guess the vote was pretty much set on those two. I like the chessboard, its much better than the generic XP background~

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