Friday, September 16, 2011



*Runs off to get superglue*
Protip: If you're building HGFC Fuun Saiki, please sandpaper the front legs' ball joint quite a bit, it is extremely tight and it's a plastic-to-plastic connection (absolutely no polycaps on Fuun Saiki).


  1. wonder almost all the pre-release review of HGFC Master+ Fuunsaiki got they Fuunsaiki's joint modded to the aftermarket ones

  2. Yeah, if you want the Fuun Saiki to be more than a huge piece of slightly movable accessory, you need to mod it.
    To be honest most of the joints like the tail and the forelegs are quite fine despite being plastic-to-plastic, but that front leg balljoint is just a no-no ;^^.
    Oh, and the hoof is unmovable, so I think it's gonna be pretty hard to make all the hoof flat on the ground without making the position look kinda weird.

  3. Ouch... a snapped ball joint is a real pain... Just like what had happened to my figma Marisa...

  4. Oh dear... When this type of situation happens, it really dampens the spirits a little...

  5. @bd77:
    Yeah, I actually do most of the work (lining, painting) during the first build because I broke a part from my 3rd kit when trying to disassemble it, which made me afraid of disassembling any kit ever since ;^^.
    Never expected it to happen on joint's though. I basically sweared out loud in the middle of the night.

    @Gundam Gunso:
    To be honest, this one actually kinda did the opposite for me, because it was 2 AM and I was just going to sleep after fiddling with it a little bit.
    When it broke, I lost all drowsiness and actually stayed awake until 4 AM hahaha.
    And now I had an headache ;=_=.